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Property Management

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1. Brief description of our Property Management Service:

Our Property Management division in San Juan del Sur is designed to optimize the efficiency of the property and satisfy the needs of both the owners and tenants of the property we are managing. Blue Paradise Rentals Nicaragua helps property owners preserve and
Increase the value of their real estate investments. We manage operations, day-to-day finances of the property, including the search and placement of
qualified tenants, and we make sure the property is in good functioning conditions.

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We handle all aspects of property management, including :


We do our best to keep your property occupied with qualified tenants through advertising, for this we advertise the property through all the right means.

Tenant Relations

We develop rental contracts, with selected qualified tenants, we collect security deposits and rent, we comply with terms of rental agreements, we resolve tenant complaints, we also attend eviction proceedings if necessary.

Facilities Management

Our team will plan maintenance and repairs, negotiate contracts with suppliers, regularly inspect the property to ensure it is in good working condition, we quickly resolve emergency maintenance issues.

Utility Bills

We handle payment of utility bills such as (water bills, electricity bills, cable TV, internet bills and many others) to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Financial reports

We keep financial records of the property operations, we create monthly expense reports for the property owner with all the property income and expenses.


We have someone on call until 10pm on weekends and until 5 pm on weekdays, to check messages and call our maintenance team for any emergencies. We have a staff Qualified for all types of repairs.

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2. Value of the Administration service

The monthly value is U$150.00 (One Hundred Fifty Dollars), contemplating the following scopes:

3. Form of Payment for the Administration Service and generated expenses.

Blue Paradise Rentals will withhold all income from rentals, once the period is over a report is sent to them detailing all authorized expenses, as well as a detailed account of the leases. In this case, we apply the total income vs. expenses and if there is a positive balance for the property, it will be deposited to the owner in an account provided by him or it will be left in custody for future expenses of the property. If the balance is negative, the owner must make a refund within a maximum period of 10 days after receiving the report, otherwise a fine of 5% of the total value owed will be applied.

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4. Duration of Contract

The duration of the contracts is indeterminate. It will be the decision of OWNER or MANAGER the termination of the contract at the time that it deems appropriate without penalty.

5. Rental Commissions

Owner Relationship – Blue Paradise Rentals Nicaragua Agency


of vacation rentals if Blue Paradise Rentals provides the customer with rent.


of vacation rentals if the owner provides the rental client, in this case Blue Paradise Rentals manages the check in and check out process.

6. Address, telephone number and electronic mail (email) for notification.